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About Leinbach

Leinbach Machinery has built a tremendous following since 1971, and with their Leinbach Line of Equipment they are known by farmers everywhere for their craftsmanship, rugged durability, and competitive pricing.

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Since 1971

Leinbach Equipment began manufacturing three point disc harrows in southern Georgia almost 40 years ago. Since then, Leinbach Machinery has been perfecting and creating new farm equipment under the Leinbach Machinery Banner.

The Leinbach Line of Tough Equipment

Leinbach Equipment has been being manufactured since 1971, and since then has been producing a wide variety of farm equipment.  Along with making new equipment with evolving applications, Leinbach also stays true to the simplicity of rugged equipment that lasts.  Research and feedback help Leinbach improve and perfect each design over time, ensuring your investment in Leinbach equipment will pay for itself many times over.

Tractor Pulverizer by Leinbach MachineryThere are many different models of Leinbach Equipment. The auger bit, post hole diggers are the industry standard. They feature robust gear boxes for smooth running & long life. Other Leinbach equipment includes 3 point hitch disc harrows, tractor mounted pulverizers, landscaper rakes, root rakes, dirt mover scoop pans, various angle scrape blades with optional swinging offset, pull type water fillable ARP aerators, PTO driven sprayers, straw incorporator/cultipackers, utility graders, carry all forks, drag harrows, hay forks, bale spears, trailer mover reciever hitches, pine straw rakes, one bottom tractor plows, two bottom tractor plows, lawn pluggers, 3 point hitch bale unrollers, garden bedders, field bedders, boom pole attachments, and more equipment to come.

Where can I get Leinbach Farm Equipment?

Leinbach is a manufacturer that sells exclusively to dealers for retail distribution. There are many dealers out there, There is one online equipment store that has great prices and free shipping to most of the United States. Check them out here. Rake Attachment by Leinbach Machinery

You might have questions about what Leinbach equipment is right for your specific tractor. That’s why it's important to have an expert staff assist you in picking out the appropriate model for you. Any credible online equipment store should take the time to talk to you on the phone or online chat ensuring proper equipment compatibility. Of course any authorized Leinbach dealer can also explain the benefit of leinbach equipment over other brands available. You can always read reviews on previous customers that have purchased Leinbach equipment and used the products first hand.

Quality by design complimented by comparison is a slogan used to describe Leinbach equipment.  Simply the best "bang for your buck" when it comes to tractor attachments and farm equipment.

Leinbach Equipment